Specialty Thermodynamics

CATLab offers one of the most capable accredited thermodynamic labs in the industry, generating and measuring a wide range of temperature, humidity, and dew point variables with a distinct emphasis on sensors employed in Life Science research, pharmaceutical manufacturing, aerospace, and medical & industrial gas industries.

    Humidity & Dew Point Sensors

    Combining the capabilities of a Thunder Scientific Two-Pressure Humidity Generator, Michell DCS Dew Point Calibration System and Chilled Mirror reference hygrometer (calibrated directly by NIST), CATLab provides calibration services for a variety of precision Hygrometers, Humidity Indicators & Dew Point Sensors from ambient to cryogenic temperatures.

    • Dew Point sensors ranging -110° C to +40° C
    • RH from 5%—95% at 0.5% accuracy
    • Quick turnaround & less cost w/scheduled service
    • Wide variety of makes & models serviced
    • NIST Traceable or ISO/IEC17025 Accredited Certificates

    IRTD Temperature Standards

    Utilizing Fluke’s LN2 Comparison Calibrator, Triple Point of Water cell, Hart temperature baths/standards and annealing furnace, CATLab provides full calibration, annealing, & reprogramming of GE Kaye’s IRTD-400 Temperature Standard and a variety of precision temperature instrumentation.

    • As Found Data at -196°C, 0°C, 100°C, & 400°C (or custom)
    • As Left Data at -196°C, 0°C, 100°C, & 400°C (or custom)
    • Annealing Process to enhance stability & stress relief
    • Adjust & reprogram internal calibration coefficients
    • NIST Traceable or ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Certificates