As the industry and our customer’s needs grow, so does our company . To keep our customers & neighbors informed on activities within our company and our community, we offer you this news page. Check back from time to time to see what we’re up to.

July 2020 : CATLab welcomes another Navy Vet to its Virginia Calibration Team.

CATLab is pleased to announce David Ruff has joined its Virginia calibration team. As a U.S. Navy Aviation Electronics Technician 2nd Class, David was trained on the Consolidated Automated Support System Test Bench for aviation support in Pensacola, FL and Miramar, CA and Electronic Test Equipment Repair and Calibration at the Navy calibration school at Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS. After deployments on the USS Abraham Lincoln & USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carriers, he was assigned to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan for two years prior to his final Navy assignment at NAS Whidbey Island, WA, receiving his honorable discharge in 2019. David’s primary training was in maintenance and calibration of electronic standards with additional responsibilities for a wide range of physical and mechanical standards. David held collateral duty inspector qualifications for quality assurance and served as an instructor in use and maintenance of metrology standards. David joined CATLab in 2020 and has already proven himself a valuable asset to the team. We’re proud to welcome David as the fourth consecutive Navy Veteran to join our company.

April 2020 : CATLab adds Accredited Air/Gas Flow Calibrations to its Scope of Services.

Following its successful reassessment audit to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (“A2LA”), CATLab now offers ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited and NIST Traceable calibrations for Gas (Air and N2) Flow meters, thermal mass flow controllers (MFCs), rotameters, turbine meters, bubble meters, and other flow measurement devices from the industries top brands. By utilizing the Fluke MolBox 1 + TM with Molbloc Elements and COMPASS Software for Gas (Air and N2) Flow, CATLab can offer among the lowest measurement uncertainties in the industry for air/ gas flow calibrations. Our current in-house scope provides calibrations from 0.01 to 120 SLPM with plans to increase this range in the future. Through CATLab’s network of accredited partner labs we can support customer’s flow devices requiring ranges higher than 120 SLPM. Click here to learn more

April 2020 : CATLab renews A2LA Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 at its VA & NC Laboratories.

As an ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540 accredited laboratory, CATLab must undergo routine assessments by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (“A2LA’) to renew our Accreditation. We have successfully completed 2020 renewal assessments at our NC & VA Labs and our accreditation status is now confirmed through April 2022. These assessments also provide an opportunity to make adjustments to our scope and we took advantage of that again this year, adding new standards to improve range and uncertainty budgets across several disciplines. We also added new services to our accredited scope, most notably accredited Air/Gas Flow meter calibrations. Find out more here

January 2020 : CATLab Partners with Industry Leader in Test Equipment Engineering & Sales.

CATLab – Accredited Calibration Laboratories is pleased to announce its definitive partnership with TEquipment, a leading web-based retail distributor of precision test equipment, to provide calibration services for its customers located across the U.S. and around the globe. “This partnership presents a huge opportunity to extend value to both company’s clients and is timed perfectly with our recent VA lab expansion and system upgrades, especially in regards to logistics”, said CATC President, Mike Watson. “By working together we can assure customers their new equipment will arrive promptly, with the appropriate certification, ready to go to work”. It also affords CATLab’s customers additional technical expertise, inventory, and cost savings so they have rapid access to the most reliable test equipment for their application at the lowest cost…Find out more here

August 2019 : 1989 – … CATC/CATLab Celebrates its 30th Year of Business.

August 14, 1989 – We started in a one car garage, signed our first contract on a bar napkin in Rochester, NY and in the 30+ years since we’ve sent technicians across the globe, designed & installed dozens of control systems, and now support process control professionals at over 500 life science, manufacturing, aerospace, defense, and other industries…want to read more? Recently we shared an overview of CATLab’s history with clients. Website visitors can view it here

August 2018 : CATLab to double its lab in New Kent, VA.

Control Automation Technologies Corporation (CATC) has announced the expansion of its Virginia Laboratory as it plans to double the size of its existing facilities in New Kent County, VA. The expansion will include offices, laboratories, and a logistics warehouse to accommodate its growing customer base as well as new equipment, services and employees. Founded in 1989, CATC expanded its North Carolina based laboratory division, CATLab – Accredited Calibration Laboratories, to Charles City County in 2005 before…read story here

January 2018 : CATLab to expand its Virginia laboratory, again.

After building its current Virginia lab in 2010, CATLab is making plans to expand again to accommodate new equipment and new employees. “When we designed our lab in New Kent we doubled the space of our Charles City facility and expected it to house growth for a decade or more. Due to so many great relationships with existing clients and opportunities with new customers however, we have simply outgrown this space”, said CATC President Mike Watson. As a result, the company is evaluating options for adding to its existing facility or to build a much larger facility from the ground up. In either case, Watson hopes to have the expansion underway by mid-2018. If a new facility is to be built, expectations are that it will remain in New Kent County although other locations are being evaluated. CATLab anticipates making a formal announcement of its plans by mid-March.

April 2017 :  CATLab proudly welcomes another Veteran to its force

CATLab is pleased to welcome Thomas Chambers to its Virginia laboratory team. Tom brings nearly 30 years experience as an electronics repair technician, supervisor and instructor including 20 years in the U.S. Navy where he trained hundreds of sailors in troubleshooting and maintenance of a wide range of electronic communications equipment, as well as repair of Radiation Detecting (RADIAC) equipment, RADAR, navigation, tactical data processing, networking and test equipment. Subsequently, Tom was responsible for maintenance and calibration of scanning electron microscopes, optical microscopes, energy dispersive X-ray, and robotics systems. As with all of our vets, were proud to have Tom on board!

March 2017 : CATLab welcomes its newest defense industry client

CATLab is proud to welcome M.C. Dean, Inc., the nation’s expert electrical design-build & systems integration firm for complex, mission-critical organizations, to its family of defense related and infrastructure support clients. Founded in 1949 by a Navy Vet, M. C. Dean supports the Dept.of Defense, Space Naval Warfare Systems Command, Washington Dulles Int’l Airport, & U.S. European Command HQ in Germany among others. With over 30 offices in the U.S. & abroad, it’s the 2nd largest electrical contractor in the U.S. CATLab – Accredited Calibration Laboratories is proud to have earned a multi-year agreement to support critical test equipment for this excellent organization.

February 2017 : We’re hiring!

CATLab – Accredited Calibration Laboratories is expanding its Virginia laboratory and we’re looking for a calibration tech that wants to be part of a growing, family oriented team. Veterans, please check us out. UPDATE: The advertised position has been filled, Go Navy! However, experienced Calibration Techs, please forward your resume to us as we’ll be hiring again soon as we continue to expand capabilities.

January 2017 : CATLab to support new UAS Training and Maintenance facility

CATLab, the laboratory division of Control Automation Technologies Corporation (CATC), has been awarded a multi-year single-source contract with Textron, Inc. (NYSE: TXT) of Hunt Valley, MD to provide testing and calibration services for its unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) facility in Blackstone, VA.

This new facility, located at the Blackstone Army Airfield at Ft. Pickett, provides research, training, and sustainment operations for the Aerosonde unmanned aerial vehicle. The Aerosonde SUAS is designed for expeditionary land- and sea-based operations for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance for US Special Operations Command (SOCOM), NOAA, and other defense and commercial entities. Its technicians rely on precision mechanical and electronic test equipment to perform assembly, maintenance, and upgrade services for these aircraft. To assure accuracy, this equipment must undergo routine testing and calibration by a third party laboratory.

CATLab will perform calibration services at both its Virginia and North Carolina laboratories to support the multiple disciplines and large quantities of equipment at the facility. “Textron was seeking an accredited lab with broad capabilities and the ability to respond quickly as these vehicles are deployed around the globe and often require rapid turnaround”, said CATC President, Mike Watson. “Since winning the contract and gaining a better understanding of their operations, we’ve identified several additional opportunities to support this and potentially other Textron facilities”. The initial contract period extends through 2019.

May 2016 : CATLab’s Accredited Scope now includes Torque.

Last month CATLab completed its Accreditation Renewal Assessment through A2LA, confirming our accreditation through April 2018. During this assessment, we improved measurement uncertainties for various disciplines through equipment upgrades. The more substantial change this year however, was the addition of Torque Calibration to our accredited scope. We’ve offered NIST Traceable Torque calibrations for years but with the increasing number of customers asking for accredited torque calibrations, we responded and now offer accredited calibrations from 5 in-lbf (0.56492 nm) to 1000 ft-lbf (1355.82 nm) at an accuracy of .5% of reading. In addition, we offer time stamping and real time graphing of torque vs. time between 100 ft-lbf & 1000 ft-lbf.

If your facility requires calibrations (NIST Traceable, ANSI/NCSL Z540, or 17025 Accredited) for its torque wrenches, drivers, etc., call us. We look forward to being your resource for these and all other calibration needs. Find out more by emailing

April 2016 :  CATLab’s VA Lab Welcomes New Technician

CATLab is pleased to welcome Shea Brown as the newest member of our Virginia laboratory team. Shea brings nearly 30 years experience in areas of preventative and corrective maintenance in electromechanical and electronics including 24 years in the U.S. Navy, retiring as a Senior Chief. Subsequently, Shea has expanded his experience in the areas of Mass Calibrations and has worked extensively in the Biotechnology industry. His training covers a wide range of electronics, Networking, Electrical and Instrumentation and he holds an Associates of Science Degree in Applied Electronics. Welcome Senior Chief Brown!

April 2016 : CATLab completes 2016 Accreditation Renewal Assessment.

As an ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540 accredited laboratory, CATLab must undergo routine assessments by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (“A2LA’). We are proud to announce that we’ve successfully completed our 2016 renewal assessments at our NC & VA Labs and our accreditation status is now confirmed through April 2018. These assessments also provide an opportunity to make adjustments to our scope and we took advantage of that this year. Some changes were modest, adding new calibration standards that improve measurement uncertainties in our existing disciplines for instance. This year we’ve accomplished this in our electrical and mechanical disciplines. We also boosted our pressure range in our VA Lab and made a few other enhancements. More substantially, we expanded our Accredited Scope to include Torque; more on that very soon.

Once A2LA completes its administrative work, the new Certificate of Accreditation and scope for each lab will be posted (by 5/31/16). Links to both may be found through our website at:

December 2015 : Continued upgrades in our Thermodynamics Lab.

CATLab has made another improvement to its already superior Thermodynamics Lab at its Winston-Salem, North Carolina calibration facility with the purchase of Fluke/Hart’s 7081 Temperature Bath. This self-contained refrigeration bath is designed for very low temperatures and is the industry’s best in stability and uniformity at temperatures as low as -80 °Celsius. (Stability +/- 0.0015 °C) (Uniformity +/- 0.003 °C). “This level of stability at -80 °C is critical to our work in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries and enhances our thermodynamic testing capabilities for each of our customers”, said Rob Igoe, CATLab’s Quality Manager. Considering its wide range of ‘accredited’ testing with the 7196B LN2 Comparison Calibrator (-196 °C), Hart 7081, Triple Pt. of Water cells, all the way to its +1700 °C furnace in addition to our Thunder Scientific Humidity Chamber and Dew Point Calibration system capable of testing sensors at dew point temperatures below -100 °C, CATLab boasts one of the most capable accredited thermodynamic labs in the nation. Let us help your company with its temperature and other calibrations. Call us today at (877) 4CATLab.

August 2015 : Need new test equipment, call us.

Control Automation Technologies Corp. has just entered into an agreement with a major test equipment distributor allowing us to be your source for new test equipment while saving you time, money, and hassle. When you order through us we’ll receive it, calibrate it, enter it into your ‘Calibration Asset Tracker’ database and deliver it to your doorstep. If you ever have a warranty issue, no sweat. Call us and we’ll handle that too. Next time you need to order new test equipment, call us at (877) 422-8522 or visit our Quote Link and see how we’ll make your job easier. See our August email newsletter for more details.

February 2015 : CATLab expands Torque Calibration capabilities. 

CATLab has offered calibration services for Torque Drivers and Wrenches up to 250 lbf-ft (338.95 N.m) for several years. As the volume of mechanical calibrations performed in our labs has increased so have the number of customers asking that we expand the range of calibrations offered.  After visiting the Mountz Service Facility in Foley, AL and adding Mountz torque analyzer / calibration standards in our VA laboratory, CATLab is pleased to offer an expanded range of services up to 1000 lbf-ft at an accuracy of .5% of reading.  In addition, CATLab now offers time stamping and real time graphing of torque vs. time between 100 lbf-ft & 1000 lbf-ft using the associated Mountz software.

July 2014: CATLab President takes Leadership Role with VA Chamber of Commerce

CATC/CATLab President and former VA Delegate Mike Watson has been named Coordinator of the Small Business Subcommittee for the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, a position aligning him with interests he championed during his time in Richmond.  Watson will work with the chamber’s government affairs team and small business subcommittee to promote laws aimed at making it easier for entrepreneurs and small businesses to succeed in Virginia. The subcommittee works under the chamber’s Business Climate Industry Council, which focuses on implementing the goals outlined in Blueprint Virginia. The blueprint is a long-range set of goals developed by business leaders throughout the state aimed at strengthening Virginia’s economy and success in drawing new and expanding existing businesses.

March 2014:  CATC expands it Dew Point Sensor Calibration Capabilities

CATLab has been performing dew point calibrations to cryogenic temperatures for three years and has just increased its scope of offerings in this Thermodynamic discipline by expanding its range as well as the makes and models serviced. By utilization of our existing Thunder Scientific Mod. 2500 humidity/dew point chamber in conjunction with our recent investment in a Michell Cryogenic Dew Point Generator and Chilled Mirror Standard, along with newly acquired interface hardware and software, we now offer sensor calibrations for a wider range of models measuring dew point temperatures between -110° C and +40° C . This sensors are prevalent throughout the Life Science, Chemical, and Medical / Industrial gas industries.  While few U.S. laboratories offer this capability, CATLab’s pricing is extremely competitive, turnaround is faster, and this service falls under our A2LA accredited scope. Find our more by calling (877)-4CATLab or emailing

December 2013:  CATLab enters the racing world

Under a recently signed agreement with N2 Systems, a Nevada based precision equipment and service provider in the Motorsports and Commercial Aircraft industries, some of NASCAR’s most successful pit crews are relying on high-performance digital pressure gauges calibrated in CATLab’s NC & VA laboratories. Following NASCAR’s final Sprint Cup race at Homestead, gauges started flowing into our facilities for service and calibration. Partnering with N2 Systems, each unit is undergoing a full technical inspection, surface mount inspection, program upgrade, cleaning and calibration and will be ready in time to see their first official post-service action at the 2014 Daytona 500. These gauges belong to teams including Richard Childress Racing, Furniture Row Racing and Stewart-Hass Racing, to name a few.

October 2013 : CATLab expands again to new, larger NC Laboratory

Just off the heels of expanding its Virginia Laboratory, CATLab is growing again. On Monday October 7th, our North Carolina lab officially began operations at its new location in the Biomedical Research Center and Technology Park in Winston-Salem, NC. This new facility nearly doubles the size of our previous lab, allowing room for additional workstations, services offerings, and personnel. Our NC Lab phone and email remain the same of course, but our new lab address is: 101 N. Chestnut St., Suite 210, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

March 2013:  CATLab’s VA Lab Welcomes New Technician

CATLab is pleased to welcome Jonathan Lundquist as the newest member of our Virginia laboratory team. Jon began his career with CATLab just a one week after completing his service with the U.S. Navy. Jon’s experience as a Division Lead Petty Officer on the USS Eisenhower and at the Norfolk Naval Ship Yard includes managing all facets of maintenance, training, and preservation of A4W propulsion plants, system expert for the Eisenhouwer’s oil pollution control system and electrolytic disinfectant generators, numerous courses in Naval Nuclear Power Training, and a variety of electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic and control systems training and experience. Welcome Aboard Jon!

November 2011:  CATC President elected to Virginia’s House of Delegates

On November 6th, CATC President Mike Watson was elected to represent Virginia’s 93rd district in its House of Delegates. Although this was his first run at elected office, he has been active in local, state, and national politics at the grassroots level since 1990. He ran on the issues of Jobs and Economic Growth at a time when the national unemployment rate is north of 9%, Job Growth is the top priority for most Virginians. Keep up with Delegate Watson’s activities at

September 2010:  CATC President named to New River Community College Educational Foundation Board of Directors

CATC President, Mike Watson, has been appointed to serve on the Board of Directors for the New River Educational Foundation. Established in 1980, the Foundation is a nonprofit corporation that assists NRCC in a variety of ways, including the endowment and distribution of scholarship funds, the purchase of equipment and furnishings and the financial support of academic and community enrichment programs. Watson, a 1983 graduate of NRCC’s Industrial Instrumentation Technology program, has continuously supported the program and college through donations, guest speaking and employment of over 20 NRCC graduates through CATC and CATLab. Most recently, Control Automation was the principal sponsor of the Billy E. Friend Endowed Scholarship, joining a number of past Friend students to recognize the former instructor. “I’m honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the success of my Alma mater”, said Watson. “New River has one of the nation’s leading technical curricula and I look forward to working with the Foundation directors to keep it and its students on the cutting edge”. For more information on the New River Educational Foundation visit:

June 2010 : CATLab offers its customers new On-Line documentation and database service.

CATLab is pleased to announce its new on-line customer database service. From any internet connection, CATLab customers can now manage test assets, review event history, view calibration documents, run filtered reports, obtain a list of equipment due for calibration and make pick up requests to either of our two accredited laboratories. This secure, user friendly service will add convenience and improve asset management efficiency for all CATLab customers. Contact for client login information.

May 2010 : CATLab completes it 2010 Followup Assessment for ISO/IEC 17025 / Z540

CATC/CATLab has successfully completed its followup Assessment with A2LA. As a result, both our Virginia and North Carolina labs will continue operating as accredited laboratories through April 30, 2012. New Certificates for our labs can be downloaded here: NC Lab CertificateVA Lab Certificate.

March 2010: CATLab opens New Laboratory in New Kent County, VA.

CATLab expanded its first Virginia Laboratory in Charles City County in 2006. After 3 years of growth and expanded capabilities, CATLab has now opened a new Lab in New Kent County, at Interstate 64 just east of Richmond’s I-295 Beltway. This new facility offers more laboratory space, increased visibility and convenience for CATLab’s Virginia customers. CATLab’s new laboratory address is: 6540 Emmaus Church Rd. , Providence Forge, VA 23140

2009: Control Automation Technologies Corp. celebrates Twenty Years in Business.

Incorporated August 14, 1989, CATC / CATLab has grown from a one tech business in a residential garage to one of the most accomplished Instrumentation Service Companies in the U.S. Its history includes trend setting quality system achievements as the first company of its type in the Southeast to achieve UL Registration to ISO 9000, and A2LA Accreditation to Guide 25 (now ISO/IEC 17025:2005). CATC / CATLab has been recognized regionally and nationally being named North Carolina’s Small Business of the Year in 1998 and a finalist for the 1999 National Blue Chip Enterprise Award through the United States Chamber of Commerce. The company has successfully accomplished service contracts and projects throughout the United States and in more distant locations including Hong Kong, Tunisia, Jamaica and Panama. CATC/CATLab has been the primary sponsor for numerous charitable events and co-sponsor and/or contributor for dozens more, including prinicpal sponsor of the Billy E. Friend Endowed Scholarship that will provide an ongoing annual $1,000.00 scholarship to qualified students entering the Instrumentation and Control Automation curriculum at New River Community College, Dublin, VA. Today, with facilities in North Carolina and Virginia CATLab provides A2LA Accredited Calibration Services to some of the world’s most recognized manufacturers. “We can attribute each of these accomplishments to the quality and dedication of our employees and the relationships that we have developed with service partners, business organizations and our customers over these 20 years”. “We are grateful and proud of the success of our employees and the contributions we have been privileged to make to our communities and the industry and we look forward to the new and exciting adventures that lie ahead”.

September 2008: First ‘Billy E. Friend Scholarship’ Awarded to NRCC Student . The NRCC Educational Foundation has just awarded the first ever Billy E. Friend Scholarship to a deserving New River Community College student in the Instrumentation and Control Automation curricullum. Billy Friend was NRCC’s Professor of the Industrial Instrumentation Curriculum for over 40 years. This fully endowed scholarship was funded through contributions from nearly 60 former ‘Friend’ students along with its principal sponsor Control Automation Technologies Corporation. Click here for NRCC Press Release

May 2008: CATLab extends Accredited Pressure Calibration Capabilities. CATLab’s Virginia Lab has just enhanced its pressure capabilities with the addition of our new Ruska 7200 series precision pressure controller. The Virginia lab can now offer pressure calibrations to 2500 psig at a total uncertainty of 0.011% of reading. CATLab offers pressure calibrations to 10,000 psig with standards boasting 0.015% of reading.

January 2008: CATLab adds Anemometers to its list of Capabilities CATLab has just purchased a new laboratory grade wind tunnel designed for the calibration of hot wire and vane anemometers. With ranges to 3000 fpm, this tunnel offers a highly uniform flow rate that will work with a wide variety of hand held anemometers. We will begin NIST traceable calibrations of these devices immediately.

September 2007: CATLab to move its Winston-Salem Office and Upgrade Laboratory Facility Since 1994, CATC/CATLab has utilized its Kernersville, NC office as the company headquarters, field service depot and laboratory. With all the recent changes in our company and with our focus now on expanding our laboratories, we’re moving to a larger, more convenient facility within the Bowman Gray Technical Center, Winston-Salem, NC. Our phone number will remain (336) 725-6020.

June 2007: CATLab’s New Virginia laboratory – A2LA Accredited CATLab’s new Virginia Lab is proud to announce that it has earned ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation through the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). This new lab was just opened in August 2006 as the first regional expansion of NC based, Control Automation Technologies Corporation. The new lab is located just east of Richmond’s 295 beltway in the Roxbury Industrial Park.

Because we’ve shared the same challenges in the process control world, we relate to your needs and respond accordingly. You’ll know this as soon as you talk to the very techs that are servicing your equipment.